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“There is no best, only the most suitable. Quality through Consistency, Reputation through Integrity”

Founded in 2009, Affinity Financial Services Inc. (AFS) is one of the fastest-growing financial services companies in Canada, covering four major cities and their surrounding areas. AFS has a team of experts with sharp insight and rich practical experience. We tailor comprehensive wealth management strategies based on each customer's actual needs and is an ideal "one-stop" financial service platform.

Today, AFS has branches in Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, and Calgary. We also have business centers in Mississauga, Ontario, and White Rock, British Columbia, successfully expanding our business all across Canada.

Our mission is to provide families with the most personalized, most appropriate one-stop financial solutions. Our vision is to create a first-class business platform to train more outstanding financial experts. We work together to provide financial solutions to individuals, families, and social groups all across Canada.

Affinity Financial is not only an insurance MGA. We had also established a Mutual Fund dealership, Amerity Wealth Management Inc., with partners in the industry. We became one of the rare Chinese Canadian funded mutual fund dealerships in Canada. Now Affinity Financial can provide our clients with comprehensive services in both fields.

We firmly believe that there is no universal "best financial plan" for everyone, only strategies tailored to the circumstances and financial needs of different individuals and households. To help more people optimizing their investments and managing their risks, we will keep improving our professional standards and quality of services!

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