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'Innovative Wealth Management Workshop' was founded by the well-known senior financial expert Chloe Tong in 2009. Since then, teams of financial experts led by Chloe holds 3-4 seminars every year in Canada's major cities. This course's ideas and strategies have helped thousands of individuals and households set and achieve their financial goals.

Innovative Wealth Management Workshop


  • Possibilities of utilizing different banking systems to pay off mortgage earlier. 

  • Possibilities of converting mortgage interest into tax incentives to pay off mortgage earlier. 

  • How to utilize innovative investment strategies to generate additional cash flow.

  • How certain fund features may help you obtain tax-free income.

  • How to make make capital protected investments & obtain stable income.

  • Opportunities to get more tax refund and withdraw from RRSP without tax hassle.

  • Using CRA approved account to achieve tax-free growth of assets and withdrawals without affecting your old age benefits.

  • Ways to easily withdraw profits in a company without getting into tax trouble.

  • Holistic approach to family financial planning.

  • Strategies for assets protection and estate planning.

Capital Preservation, Retirement, and Capital Growth Strategies

  • Achieve asset appreciation by using a combination of different investment strategies.

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of RRSP/RRIF.

  • Strategies to maximize your OAS and GIS benefits.

  • How to dissolve RRSP without tax consequence.

  • More strategies for capital growth and preservation.

  • Procedural, legal, and tax issues in the inheritance process.

Capital Operation and Tax Saving Strategies for Small Businesses


  • How to relieve personal tax burden by incorporating your small businesses.

  • How to interpret the federal government's latest corporate tax laws.

  • Possibilities of withdrawing profit from your business tax-free.

  • How to manage your taxation when transferring corporate assets.

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